August 3, 2020

Napa ebook Publisher

If you’re looking to publish a book, you should talk to Jack Irby of Hang Time Press in Napa.

They specialize in publishing ebooks, particularly involving food and wine, given they are based in the Napa Valley, and their own love of food and wine.

Ebooks have multiple advantages, and I am personally a fan of reading books in this format. I have an iPad mini, and often read books on it. While a kindle might have some distinct advantages I haven’t taken the leap to have to carry around a separate reading device. The great thing about ebooks is that they can pretty simply be published in multiple formats. So as an author, choosing to publish an ebook means that you can offer your book in multiple formats for reading on the users preferred device.

Hang Time Press has focused on publishing recipe books, but soon they will also be publishing novels and are currently looking for authors looking to publish their book.

If you have even just an idea for a book, I would suggest contacting Hang Time Press and let them help you get started on how to write and submit your Napa Valley inspired book.