August 3, 2020


Every business is going to need to advertise in some form or another. You want information about your business in front of potential customers, and this can be done in several ways.

You can rely on traditional marketing, or newer techniques involving internet marketing.

Traditional marketing typically encompasses things like putting advertisements in Newspapers, magazines, and other places that draw a large consumer base. Typically you would pay the publisher based on the size of the advertisement, and the length of time the advertisement will run.

Newer internet marketing techniques such as inbound marketing are now becoming very popular. This method of marketing utilizes creating interesting content either on your website, or on social networks, and consumers find your advertising through searches and sharing. This advertising is free because you don’t pay anyone for it’s placement, but you must consider the cost of creating valuable content that will result in the same amount of draw of traditional marketing.

Often times local advertising is best suited with traditional marketing, but the tide is slowly shifting towards inbound marketing even for local advertising situations.

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